Written by senior RHP Lauren Duggan

Family is very important to my everyday life.  I’m lucky to have my personal family and my UConn Softball team. In both instances, my family means the absolute world to me, and I would do anything for any of them, whether it is my younger brother Joey or a teammate.

In my house alone there are seven members including me, my parents, Edward and Donna, and siblings Kelly (19), Amy (17), Ed Jr. (15), and Joey (11).  My dad is one of 11 and my mom is one of three.  Between both sides of my parents, my siblings and I have 12 aunts and uncles, and a boatload of kids to follow.  With a new cousin being born almost every year, my family keeps getting larger and larger.  Just on my dad’s side my grandparents have nearly 40 grandchildren!

The best part about going home for the holidays is The Duggan Christmas Party.  In our family this is the one event that everyone prepares for all year and never wants to miss out on.  As a big family it takes a lot to get us all into one place at one time, but with the memories that are made, we make it happen.  One can only imagine the craziness that exists when you put that many people with many different personalities under one roof at the same time. Some of the family favorites are break dancing, singing, DJ-ing, jokes, loud laughs, and lastly warm hugs.  We share nicknames we create for each other, while enjoying some good old Pleasant Café pizza, our traditional meal.   There is never a dull moment, the Duggan family is all about having a good time and being able to spend it with each other, since sometimes it only happens once a year.  We have already started planning for next year and to have a big family and friend party at my house.  As I get older my role has become more of the party planner in order to make these holiday parties happen.

Family will always be there for you, just like a team is when you hit that field day in and day out. I have my UCONN Softball team, which is my family when I’m at school and my family, which is the size of 4 to 5 teams, back home in Boston.   My family supports me in whatever I choose to do in life. My aunts, uncles, and cousins all make an effort to come and support me at my games, they cheer me on whether its at my games, in a text, a call, they always make an effort to tell me how proud of me they are. Knowing that I am always supported makes everything that I do, worthwhile at the end of every day.  I wouldn’t change a thing about the big, crazy family that I have!


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