Written by senior infielder Emily O’Donnell

Howard Schultz once said, “When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.”

This fall, the UConn softball team made a commitment to not only ourselves, but to our coaches and teammates, that we were going to be all in and in the wise words of Coach Mac we would “Get after it” each and everyday. Whether it was getting dirty on the field, doing two or three extra sprints even when we did not think we had any gas left in the tank, or challenging ourselves in the weight room. We knew doing these things was going to be integral to the success of our team.

After the first full week of team practice I think it is safe to say everyone was exhausted. This was an eye opener that we were going to be pushed harder than we had ever been before. In order to reach and achieve things we never have before, we needed to train and prepare harder and smarter. Day-by-day at practice we saw improvement and this had everyone pumped up to finally get on the field against an opponent. We were ready to see the result of all the hard work and we knew as a team we had a lot to be excited about.

The first fall ball weekend finally rolled around and we were all ready to take the field with UConn across our chests and represent our program and school and show everyone why we were so excited to play. Mother Nature unfortunately, had plans of her own. We blasted music and took team selfies in the locker room waiting for word to report to the field but sadly it never came; our games had to be canceled due to inclement field conditions. We were all bummed but that made us even hungrier the following weekend when we finally got to play. We won both our games our first weekend out and we did a lot of good things and we took away some valuable knowledge on areas where we can continue to improve. Our final fall ball weekend we faced some tougher competition. We fought hard against Boston College and Maine but dropped two games in a row. We would not accept anything less than going out with a win in our final fall ball game. We pushed a run across late in the game and had stellar pitching and defense to end the fall ball season on a high note.  After the games, our wonderful parents threw us a tailgate and if there is one thing this team loves more than softball it is probably eating, so there were many smiling faces and full stomachs.

As we begin to enter the next phase of our year, which will consist mostly of individuals, weights, and conditioning, we will continue to commit ourselves to this team and the goals that we share. I am beyond excited to see what this team will be able to achieve come spring when we are back on the field competing again. Until then we will be getting after it in everything we do. Go Huskies!


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