Time Flies ~By: Ali Adelman #1

All summer I wondered what it would feel like to finally start my senior year of college. Well, now I can tell you exactly what that feels like. Bittersweet. And a little bit more bitter than sweet. It feels like just yesterday I was a freshman moving into Batterson, and meeting all the other girls on the team for the first time. Carrying a map around campus trying to find my classes; wandering around the field house, getting lost on my way to the locker room. Now, I know this campus like the back of my hand, and there are no more older girls to be nervous to meet.

It’s a harsh reality, knowing I am a senior here at UConn. Realizing I’ve had my last, first day of class. Where did the time go! This past Friday night was my last “First Night”. First night signifies the beginning of basketball season. It is a kind of pep rally for both the girls and boys basketball teams. This year was special because our men’s team won the National Championship last year, and our girls team made it to the Final Four! Gampel Pavilion was completely packed with people who had been lined up outside for hours waiting just to get a good seat. Luckily, a few girls and I managed to get great seats! We had a perfect view of all the players being introduced, the three-point contest, the slam-dunk contest, and a women’s basketball team dance off. It was quite an entertaining night.

Among some other lasts this weekend was my last Homecoming. Almost the whole team got together and went to go watch our football team play its homecoming game at ‘The Rent’ against University of South Florida. It was also very crowded as lots of alumni came back to support UConn Football in its Homecoming game. It was a battle but we came out on top, 16-10! It was a very exciting game and a fun Homecoming weekend, and I’m really sad that it’s my last.

Being at events such as First Night, and the homecoming football game just makes me realize how much I am going to miss all the school spirit that UConn has. The past 3 years have gone by so fast and this one so far has as well.  I have had some sad realizations that it’s my last year and the real world is fast approaching. But I have made the best of every day, and will continue to do that throughout my senior year! I can’t believe this is my fourth and final year in college and that I only have one more season of college softball left. The team this year has worked hard both on the field and in the weight room and we will continue to work hard in our off-season this winter to hopefully have the best season yet. For me and the other seniors we saved the best for last!



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  1. love this one, Ali. You seniors will be friends for life….so don’t look at this year like it’s your last of everything but your best of the past 4 years….this will keep you on top….the girls on your team are the best….the friendships and love that you guys feel for each other will be with you forever….so keep working hard in the classroom and on the field and laugh alot, because these are one of the best times of your lives….

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