Our Pack. Our Pride. ~By: Jen Ward #8

One double header down. Many more to go. This past Sunday, we played a game against Eastern Connecticut and Bryant. The first game did not go as anticipated. We lost to “the small school down the street”. I think that loss was good for us, though. We learned very early this year that nothing will be handed to us. Merely showing up to the game will not get us where we need to be and most certainly will not ensure a victory. We came out flat, without any passion to win. We assumed that because we were playing Eastern, we’d win. HA.

When the game was over, I really liked what I saw. I looked around at my teammates, and for the first time in a long time, I saw them pissed off. I knew right then, the next game was going to be better. We decided to take pride in our school and in our team. We weren’t going to lose to Bryant. We came together as a team and we made some noise with our bats. Even with two of our best hitters away for the weekend, we put up 14 hits on the board. Pretty impressive.

I’d like to see us hold onto that feeling we felt after losing to Eastern, and use it to fuel us throughout the year. If we believe in ourselves and in our abilities, and refuse to lose each game we play, we’re going to be a seriously hard team to beat.


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