Getting The Nerves Out ~By: Lauren Duggan #17

So far, my first experiences of college life at the University of Connecticut have been interesting. My first weekend kind of felt like camp, since all that we did was move our stuff in, meet new people, go to the WOW events and go to the dining hall.

So, we started our first week of class and I kind of got a feel for what I would be learning in my first semester of classes, what I would need for those classes and the quickest ways to get from one class to another within 10 minutes. Then, I had softball meetings and I got to meet the team and coaches. Some I knew from before and others it was a first time talking to them. But, right away everyone got along and were becoming friends. Softball got started and we all worked hard to get what we needed and do it well.

Finally our first games of the fall season quickly crept up. I was so excited to play in my first college game, but also so nervous when it came my turn to pitch. The first game I did not pitch, so I got to watch our sophomore and junior pitchers throw. It was exciting to watch the team win our first fall game.  Our second game I got to pitch four innings. Those four innings were probably the most nerve racking. I did not pitch like I know I can, it kind of looked like I haven’t pitched for a couple days. But, I got through it and I got all my nerves out of my system – well at least for that weekend. Our next weekend games I got to pitch three innings. I felt that I improved since the weekend before. Most of my pitches were working much better and I had a lot more control over my nerves! Then came the time for me to hit and I was nervous. The first at bat I hit the ball and got on base. But my next at bat I hit a hard line drive to the fence and got a double. It was very exciting and gave me more confidence in my hitting! So, all in all the second weekend of games was an improvement personally.



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