Becoming a Husky ~By: Emily O’Donnell #7

It is hard to believe that I have already been at UConn for one month. It honestly feels like only a week ago I was saying farewell to my family and hello to my freshmen year at college. I was excited and eager to start this new chapter of my life, but a little nervous, as well, because I was not really sure what to expect. The first weekend at school was an eventful one because of Hurricane Irene. This extra day with no classes gave me the opportunity to get to know my other freshmen teammates along with other people in our building. This was sure a memorable way to start off college. Once classes started I realized that college was not going to be easy; it was going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to be a strong student athlete here at UConn, but I felt I was up for the challenge!

The first week consisted of going to all of my new classes and listening to what type of expectations the professors were going to have for us students this semester. We also had our fitness testing, which I was very nervous about because I was not sure what to expect. The first day of testing we did a circuit. My partner, Amy Vaughan, helped me and encouraged me throughout the whole workout giving me the strength to push through to the finish. The energy of all of the girls on the team throughout the workout was so positive and encouraging that it made me realize that, although we may have just met one another, we are a team. Once testing was over we started to get into practices. This year we had to earn our UConn gear and when I did, I was very proud to wear UConn Softball across my chest because I now felt like I was officially part of the team.

This weekend we have our fall opener against the University of Rhode Island. I am very excited to play as a team for the first time and see all our hard work at practice translate into the game. Also, many UConn alumni will be coming to play in the alumni game after we are done playing. It will be exciting to see former UConn softball players come back and play on the field where they enjoyed their college careers. After a month of being a student athlete, I am starting to feel like I am truly becoming a UConn Husky!


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