Adjusting to Life as a Freshman ~ By: Julie Curran #22

When I first got to college, I couldn’t have been happier about what was about to be the next four years of my life. People told me these would be the best four years of my life, and your freshman year will be easy because it’s like a repeat of classes you took in high school. And, to top it all off, classes got pushed back a day due to a “hurricane”. I had the greatest time that weekend making new friends, not worrying about homework and realizing I had so much freedom without my parents there. But, right about the second week it all started to hit me – 8 a.m. classes, taking six classes which equals out to more credits than most other people have to take, homework, three hour practices, and now mandatory study halls. It all comes down to time management. Being on the go all day is worth it though because I know I’m learning important values for later on down the road, such as time management, getting in a routine and learning how to be more productive with my free time. Playing softball has also taught me an additional lesson about hard work and dedication, and how you have to earn your spot because it will no longer be given to you.

I treated my summer softball workout like it was my job because I was expecting to be pushed hard this whole season, not only with softball but also with strength and conditioning. But, when that first day of circuits came…I was in for a huge surprise. Being one of seven girls without any official UConn practice gear, this year everyone has to earn their gear, it was the old fashioned way of working hard and leaving it all on the field (well technically in the gym because it rained the first couple days of practice).  Pushing myself everyday was tough because I was nervous since no longer was I the captain of three teams, had people looking up to me and I was once again “The Freshman.”  The circuits were meant to keep your heart rate up and see how much you could push yourself. Luckily, I had Kiki as my partner who was a huge motivator, and so were all the other upperclassmen who were cheering me on from a couple stations down. The energy was great. At the end, my body felt like it had just run a marathon, I was exhausted. And my teammate Emily pointed out that technically we had only worked out for six minutes….it felt like an hour. And as the week went on I kept feeling the pressure to earn my gear, while during the week other players were starting to get theirs. I was just trying to find little ways to try and stand out and being last but not least. On Friday I finally earned my gear. Being the last to earn their gear taught me how important it was to push yourself, and even if you think you’re working hard are you truly pushing yourself 100%? That is a lesson I’ll carry with me for a long time in addition to time management. I’m looking forward to the next couple months to see just how far I can push myself physically with softball.  Knowing that I have great teammates behind me and mentally with school, and I’m excited to say I’m doing it here at UConn.


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