Growing Up At UConn ~By: Amy Vaughan #9

When I first arrived to UConn, I was ready for an entirely new world. It was the first time I would be leaving my parents’ home and living out on my own. At first, everything was great; I could stay up as late as I wanted, I got to see my friends everyday and classes seemed like a piece of cake. However, after a couple of weeks went by, I started to get a little lonely. We (all of us freshmen) missed our families and friends from home and we began to realize just how much adjusting needed to be done. Luckily, there was one constant that had stayed in our lives – softball.  Softball was something everyone could relate to. Practicing and games was what scheduled our time and it required the utmost commitment and responsibility day in and day out.

As a freshman, I wanted to do anything I could to get myself out onto the field, earning myself a starting position, even if that meant learning a position that I had never played before. I learned that I needed to sacrifice my own opinions for the better of the team. Coaches expected the best out of us everyday and I knew I had to give it everything I had to get myself out there.  Freshmen year taught me a lot about what it meant to keep working and getting better, even when sometimes I wanted to give up. What I learned the most from that year was that not everything comes easy and sometimes it’s not always exactly what you expect.

Looking back now as a junior, those years seems like such a long time ago. I have spent so many hours at practice and on the field that sometimes it all blurs together. However, those lessons that I learned my freshmen year have never been forgotten. Even after having a good sophomore season, I knew that nothing was ever guaranteed.  I always have to work hard and expect the best out of myself. UCONN Softball has taught me life lessons that I will forever use in every part of my life.

Like I said earlier “sometimes it’s not always exactly what you expect”. This pertains exactly to how I felt when I needed to shovel my driveway at our house off campus the other day.  When we first got this place, it seemed like a home away from home. It was cozy and it was nice to come home to at night after a long day. I never considered the mounds of snow we would be getting this winter. But as I grow up, I’m learning to appreciate things a lot more. For example, how much my parents shoveled my whole life compared to the small amount I ever did. I love them very much for that. Also, I’m starting to realize that my time at this school is limited and I need to get the best out of every day and every moment I get to spend on the field.



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