Snow.. Preseason…… and More Snow ~By: Jessica McDermott #25

When going to school in Connecticut, one should expect snow. This year, however, one should expect a blizzard every other day. So far we have been in school for two weeks and have had a total of 6 days of classes. As a kid, a snow day meant all-day fun with snowmen, snowball fights, and hot chocolate. As a college student, a snow day basically means the same thing.. haha.

As you try to get around campus on a snow day, all you see are students running around, attempting to sled down any small type of hill they can find, and as expected, tossing snowballs around. I know that I like to make snow angels as much as the next person does! However, these past snow days I found myself in my bed napping or beating Kim Silva in Mario Party on N64. No matter how you spend your snow days, they are always bound to be fun and relaxing days that you look forward to after long hours studying and intense practices every day during the preseason. However, I believe that if it’s not a snow day, then the snow should just disappear.

Now, onto the time of year that is bittersweet; preseason. Preseason is a time where we start to get excited for the season. We are hard at work preparing for the season. We are working hard to get our swings feeling good and training to be able to catch and field any ball that comes our way. However, preseason seems to drag on because we are so excited for the season’s games to begin that we just want them to come already!

Traveling is the best part. Walking into the airport and being confused with the UCONN Girl’s Basketball Team is always fun because you get to feel famous for a day! Even though I will never understand why people confuse Ali Adelman for Maya Moore, it is always fun to travel with the team.

We can’t wait to be in Florida outside playing in the warmth and not trying to avoid puddles in Guyer or getting turf burn from Shenkman (both of our indoor facilities that THANK GOODNESS we actually do have so we’re able to practice). However, the second we get to step out on that dirt field for the first time of the season, it is all worth it. The blood, sweat, and tears (that is just a saying because we don’t shed tears because there is obviously no crying in softball) that we put forth day after day to achieve greatness is all worth it the second we get to play the sport we love.


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