Something To Believe In ~By: Asst. Coach Tory Yamaguchi

So here we are… all back together again after our nice, long Christmas breaks… beginning our journey as the 2011 Husky Softball Team.  What an invigorating, rejuvenating feeling, as a coach.  It’s been nice to see the girls floating around the offices, poking their heads in to say hi, refreshed from break and working out extra in the fieldhouse before our first practice on Saturday.

You can tell that all the girls pushed themselves over the break… without any strength coaches or softball coaches close by to help push them along.  They did it on their own.  It came from within them.  That alone shows me the drive that these girls have—the want and the will to learn and to improve… not only for themselves, but for the betterment of the team.  They’ve got something to believe in…

The team is on a mission to show the world what they’re capable of achieving.  Throughout the preseason, they will be competing against each other in two teams (blue and white)—challenging each other to win the smaller battles during practices, so that they can win the greater wars during season.  I’m sure it’ll be entertaining to hear the kids cheering each other on (even though they’re on separate teams), while at the same time “smack-talking” back and forth to get their teammates riled up to give them a good competition between their blue and white teams.  I can’t wait for the fun to begin!  They’ve got something to believe in…

The freshmen have found their way as students on campus and are making their own footprints on the team as athletes.  The sophomores and juniors are building upon past successes and are craving for something more, something higher.  And our two lone seniors are setting prime examples to the younger ones of what work ethic, drive, and passion for the game all look like.  This is our team… this is our pack… and I’m excited for them!

We’re all ready and willing to compete for our husky pack… our husky pride… for UConn softball…. We’ve got something to believe in!



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